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Academic Staff
Eleni Akridagraph algorithms and complexity, as well as approximation algorithms and probabilistic analysis of algorithms.
Magnus Bordewichcounting problems; randomised algorithms; Markov Chain Monte Carlo sampling techniques; phylogenetics.
Stefan Dantchevcomputational complexity; proof complexity; logic; constraint satisfaction; SAT solving.
Tom Friedetzkyrandomised algorithms; probabilistic analysis; sub-linear time algorithms; load balancing.
Maximilien Gadouleaucoding theory, network coding and information theory; finite dynamical systems, including boolean networks and cellular automata; memoryless computation; transformation semigroups.
Ioannis Ivrissimtzismultiresolution geometry, geometric modeling particularly subdivision surfaces, mesh encoding and applying statistical learning methods in surface reconstruction.
Matthew Johnsongraph theory including colouring, algorithms and decompositions; combinatorial optimization.
Andrei Krokhinconstraint satisfaction, combinatorial optimization, universal algebra, logic, finite model theory.
Barnaby Martincomputational and proof complexity, logic, constraint satisfaction, graph theory, SAT solving.
George Mertziosalgorithms and complexity, foundations of networks, combinatorial optimization and algorithmic game theory.
Daniel Paulusmagraph theory and algorithms; combinatorial optimization; cooperative game theory.
Norbert Peyerimhoff
(Department of Mathematical Sciences)
spectral geometry, schrodinger operators, symmetric spaces, dynamical systems, graph theory.
Robert Powellcomputational complexity, constraint satisfaction.
Iain Stewartinterconnection networks for parallel computing; descriptive and computational complexity, finite model theory; group theory; graph algorithms; theoretical aspects of AI; GPGPU computing
Amitabh Trehanalgorithms, distributed computing and algorithms, networks, resilience, self-healing networks, self-* properties, dynamic multi-agent systems, game theory, graph theory
Research Staff
Jakub Oprsalconstraint satisfaction, combinatorial optimization, universal algebra, logic, combinatorics
Research Students
Abdul GhaniSiani SmithKarl Southern
Nina KlobasIsobel FriedlanderCalina Durbac
Xin ZhangLatifah AbduhHenry Westmacott
Harit Anoushka