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ACiD, Algorithms and Complexity in Durham, is a world-leading research group with research programmes involving many international collaborators. Theoretical Computer Science comprises the development of algorithmic techniques that efficiently exploit the power of modern computers, the study of the limits of computation and the ways in which we can cope with, and take advantage of, intractability, and the science of the unsolvable.

The group is broad-based with research foci including computational complexity, proof complexity, descriptive complexity, graph theory, exact algorithms, randomised algorithms, approximation algorithms, parameterized algorithms, finite model theory, constraint satisfaction, interconnection networks, universal algebra and mathematical logic.

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News Archive

50 Years of Satisfiability Prof. Andrei Krokhin has spoken on Thursday 8th April at the prestigious Simons Institute seminar 50 Years of Satisfiability: The Centrality of SAT in the Theory of Computing. The topic was “Classifying the Complexity of SAT and CSP: Are we there yet?” and a recording is accessible here.

Prague Logic Seminar Dr. Barnaby Martin will speak on Monday 29th March at the Logic Seminar of the Institute of Mathematics at the Czech Academy of Sciences. The seminar is about “Depth lower bounds in Stabbing Planes for combinatorial principles” and reports recent work with Nicola Galesi (Rome) and Stefan Dantchev and Abdul Ghani (Durham).

BCTCS 2021 Dr. Eleni Akrida is an invited speaker at the 37th British Colloquium for Theoretical Computer Science (BCTCS 2021). The event runs from 29-31 March and is hosted by Liverpool University but will be run online.

CSP Seminar Andrei Krokhin and Jakub Oprsal (together with Victor Dalmau) are organising the online seminar series CSP seminar with the first talk taking place on Wednesday 19 August 2020.

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